Welcome to Prof. Nixon’s “Making Connections: Facebook & Beyond” Blog

Stay tuned: At this site, I’ll provide information for my First Year Experience students at Georgia Southern University.

Course Description: From Facebook to text messages to blogs, we are an intimately connected society. In this highly interactive FYE course, you will create your own blog, contribute to a social network, learn how corporations are using the Internet to connect with consumers, and become an expert in at least one type of social media. Additionally, we will discuss how to create and protect your online reputation.

2 Responses

  1. Keep your dreams. Many people have wonderful fantasies when they sleep but people who dream when they’re awake live their dreams. Be what you dream.

  2. Southern Comfort mixed with Dr. Pepper is not your friend; neither is the roommate who borrows and doesn’t return money, lingerie and Biology 101 notes.


    Credit card applications outside the Student Union: A minute to fill out, a decade to pay off; better to eat ramen and shop at Goodwill.

    🙂 I’ve alerted others at http://savannah.skirt.com/blog

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