How to Find Cheap College Textbooks

With the cost of college textbooks spiraling upward, it’s good to know that there are still some good sources of (relatively) inexpensive textbooks. Christopher S. Penn, host of the Financial Aid Podcast, shares his best tips for finding these books in the appropriately titled “How to Find Cheap College Textbooks.”


Thanks, Christopher S. Penn and Edvisors, for providing these ideas for students — and their parents!


One Week Down . . .

For Prof. Nixon’s FYE 1220 Class:

You’ve now completed your first full week at Georgia Southern University. Take a few moments now and reflect on the following three questions:

  1. What did you learn?
  2. What surprised you?
  3. What do you now want to know more about?

In the Leave a Reply area, fill out the short demographic form (name, e-mail, etc.) and respond with at least one item in each of the three categories. In other words, let me know at least one thing you learned, one thing that surprised you, and one thing you want to know more about. Your answers can focus on college in general or on this Making Connections: Facebook & Beyond course.

College Survival Tips

There are many, many sites that will offer advice on surviving your first year in college. But my favorite (tongue-in-cheek) tips come from the comic geniuses at Ask a Ninja.

Stay tuned for some more practical tips as the semester progresses.