So What’s Facebook Good For, Anyway?

In this week’s Making Connections: Facebook & Beyond class at Georgia Southern University, we’re discussing – what else – Facebook. As an educator, I know what I use Facebook for:

  • Keeping my Facebook profile updated so my students can learn more about me
  • Learning more about my students media habits, especially regarding music, TV, movies, etc.
  • Discovering where my students are from
  • Playing an occasional game of SmartyPants or Scrabble
  • Chatting with students (and others) when we’re online at the same time
  • Sending out messages to my students when the info must get there quickly (they tend to check Facebook much more often than their university-provided e-mail accounts)
  • NOTE: To respect their privacy, I don’t read their walls or look at their photos, even if I have access to them

Beyond checking to see what their friends are up to, what do today’s college students use Facebook for? Please be specific in your comments, as your comments will help shape this week’s class.

Thanks so much!