Cheap Dates

When I was in college, I lived on a really tight budget. Things aren’t much different for many of today’s college students.

Trying to come up with something fun to do on a date, something that doesn’t cost a lot of money, can be a real challenge.

My favorite “cheap date” in college? A stop for ice cream, followed by a walk through Auburn University’s Arboretum. I’ve been married to my college sweetheart for 23 years, so cheap dates can have long-lasting impact!

What are some of your favorite “cheap dates”? Please share your ideas by providing a comment. Thanks!



18 Responses

  1. I like to rent a movie/movies with my boyfriend and cook dinner. Renting is cheaper than going to the theater and cooking is cheaper than going out.

  2. Agree with the movie and dinner post – flat iron steak on the grill (thinly sliced) and a can of green beans should be in every guy”s tool box. With the movie you’re under $10.

  3. pack a picnic lunch, head off to the local small airfield and enjoy great conversation while watching small-prop planes land and take off.

  4. My boyfriend and I like to go play games like frisbee or raquetball.
    Recently, he bought a book that has 3 tours in Savannah, so one day we took the book and did the tour together and read each other what each monument and building represented.

  5. Eagle Entertainment provides lots of entertainment mostly for FREE! So you can go see a singer, comedian, or even a movie for under $5 (including popcorn and a drink). These are great things to do.

    Some other suggestions would be making the picnic dinner (pasta and chicken and a veggie) and bring it to sweetheart circle… it didnt just randomly get its name you know! haha

    Go antiquing. There are several stores that have great things to look at.

    Normally the more creative a guy is on a date the better the date is… not how much they spend. So just think of interesting NEW things.

  6. When the weather would get cooler (not very often in Georgia!!) my husband would build a fire outside in his fire pit, and we would roast hot dogs and eat outside around the fire. My favorite part–when we made s’mores! It really was a nice atmosphere and gave us somewhere we could just talk.

  7. I’m not from Georgia, but in Ohio, I think it’s fun to go to haunted houses, pumpkin patches, strawberry picking, and camping in the fall. Sometimes going to Border’s or any bookstore and reading different magazines can be fun.
    Going to thrift stores and picking out unique things is always cheap and interesting. My boyfriend and I will sometimes buy pizza dough and make our own pizza, which is inexpensive and fun. Ordinary dates get boring, so it’s good to be different. Sometimes I have the most fun doing nothing with someone.

  8. My friends and I like to play all kind of sports. When it’s warm outside, we hit the sand and bump, set, spike. We play beach volleyball at Cambridge or University Pines, because they have the best courts. We also like to play tennis, ultimate frisbee, and soccer. If we feel like just spectating rather than playing, we go to the GSU athletic events. These are very fun and free for students. If you’re not the sporty type, the Averitt Center has plays and performances very frequently that are also free for students.

  9. Hackers is a great place to go, either to the driving range (which is fun even if you are horrible, like me!), or the putt-putt course! Most people forget we have one of those here!

  10. I like going to coffee shops and getting coffee, talking, and playing games. Latte Da has a great assortment of games and stays open till 11. Depending on what you get, 2 coffees could run you between $5 and $10.

  11. Go rock wall climbing at the Rac. If you’ve never done it, or even if you have, it’s a fun way to just have fun with a date.

    First Friday is fun too. You can park anywhere downtown and just walk around different shops (if the guy is willing) b/c it can be fun window shopping or checking things out.

  12. Have a picnic in the park. Maybe bring along a bike, a frisbee, or a football, or either just walk along holding hands with your sweetie.

  13. Def. renting a movie and making your own dinner. Even buying candy at Walmart to make it like you are at the movies!

  14. Ice cream dates also the previous posts.

  15. When my boyfriend comes to Statesboro, we like to spend as much time outside as possible. Last weekend we bought a basketball at Wal-Mart and played basketball at the outdoor courts at the RAC. The weather was really nice, so we were able to enjoy the cooler temperature and hang out.

  16. If you have a truck, go find a field out in the middle of no where. (I cant guarantee the cops won’t be called) Get a quilt, open up the windows, play some jams and lay in the bed and look at the stars. It is perfect during the fall.

  17. Going downtown for First Friday is always fun! They have various artists, vendors, performances, gallery openings, and events!

  18. at home, i use flat iron when i want to keep my suit very neat and without wrinkles -“‘

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